Lisping occurs when the tongue protudes between the teeth when making the "S" sound, resulting in a "th" sound

Tongue thrust is the pushing of the tongue against the teeth while swallowing or at rest. The average person swallows 2000 - 4000 times per day and exerts pressure with each swallow. This can push the teeth out of alignment and may cause distorted speech sounds.

How is Tongue Thrust related to Lisping?
Cure Tongue Thrust Not all people who have a tongue thrust have a lisp
Cure Tongue Thrust Most people who have a lisp have a tongue thrust.

If you think you have a lisp, watch this video:


Tongue Thrust Example Photo

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What Causes Tongue Thrust? 
Cure Tongue Thrust Thumb sucking and/or nail biting 
Cure Tongue Thrust Mouth breathing 
Cure Tongue Thrust Premature loss of "baby" teeth 
Cure Tongue Thrust Lack of muscle coordination 
Cure Tongue Thrust Hereditary factors 
Cure Tongue Thrust Enlarged tonsils & adenoids

What Associated Oral Behaviors May Be Present? 
Cure Tongue Thrust Sucks the thumb, fingers, tongue 
Cure Tongue Thrust Bites fingernails, pencils, etc. 
Cure Tongue Thrust Breathes through the mouth 
Cure Tongue Thrust Habitually rests tongue against or between the teeth 
Cure Tongue Thrust Drinks large amounts of liquid with meals, washing down the food




Why is the Dentist / Orthodontist Concerned?
Tongue thrust often results in an open bite and/or "buck" teeth. If a person is swallowing incorrectly, it will be difficult to maintain the full orthodontic result: the tonguewill continue to affect the overall jaw development as well as the tooth alignment. Therefore, it is important to correct the tongue thrust before braces are removed.

What treatment is appropriate?
Based on the findings of the evaluation, specific goals are determined to meet the needs of the individual, such as:

Cure Tongue Thrust Train the muscles necessary for a good swallow and correct resting posture 
Cure Tongue Thrust Teach the correct swallow 
Cure Tongue Thrust Make the correct swallow a habit 
Cure Tongue Thrust Teach correct production of sounds to eliminate a lisp 
Cure Tongue Thrust Eliminate undesirable oral behaviors

IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust

Janet BennettThis is the third in the IJustWantTo series of books. The author, Janet Bennett, Correct Tongue ThrustM.Ed., CCC-SLP, has a Master's degree in Speech Pathology and has been a licensed, Certified Speech Pathologist for over 30 years. She has treated Tongue Thrust exclusively for the past 10 years.

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