“My son couldn’t communicate very well. Now he chatters away. My son talks with me and everyone and he really is happy because everyone can understand him. Sarah Henry helped him find his voice. We’re really pleased and would recommend Asheville Speech Associates to anyone who needs help with speech.” - Mother of a child with a developmental delay.

"I'd like to acknowledge Wilma, the lovely staff member at the office. Everyone was pleasant and the facility was well set-up and conducive to a pleasant learning experience." - Mother of a child with an articulation disorder

"Adored working with Janet!" - Mother of a child with tongue thrust

"Thank you! It was amazing to see a difference so quickly." - Mother of a child with a tongue thrust and misarticulations

"Thank you Dawn! :-)" - Mother of a child with receptive language delay and speech delay

"I can't thank you enough. Aisha is the most flexible, understanding and nice person. My daughter loved to come to see her. Aisha made everything fun! We will miss her very much! Thank you again!" - Mother of a child with a reading disorder

"Our therapist, Janet, was kind and laid back. She made the sessions comfortable." - Mother of a child with a tongue thrust

"Job well done!" - Adult client with decreased pharyngeal muscle tone and peristalsis

"Michelle was absolutely wonderful! She is professional, caring, patient, and easy to talk to. My son loved her and made more progress with Michelle in 6 months than with another therapist in 2 years. We love you and miss you Michelle!" - Mother of a child with a severe articulation disorder

"Aisha was great! My daughter loved going to speech and was eager to learn. Thanks!" - Mother of a child with an articulation disorder

"Great place!" - Father of a child with a speech disorder 

"My therapist was fantastic with my child!" - Mother of a child with a speech delay

“Jennifer did a great job with my son. I thank her greatly.” - Mother of a child whose speech was difficult to understand

“Thanks for all her work with my son. I especially appreciated learning new signs.” - Mother of a child with a speech delay.

“My son has worked with Liz for 3 years. She is like a member of our family! Liz has been wonderful to work with. She is reliable, flexible and always great with my child. I am grateful for all the ways she has reassured me, listened to me and been a friend!” - Mother of a child with a weak vocabulary and slow processing and recall

“Amy Penland was wonderful with my son. They had gotten along well and he has improved a lot. We are sorry that we had to move out of the county. We really appreciated the services and would recommend any child to your facility.” - Mother of a child with speech and language delay 

“We really appreciate all of our therapist's efforts to help our son with his problem. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty!” - Mother of a child with apraxia

“We are so grateful for Asheville Speech. We also really looked forward to our friendly greeting from Miss Wilma, the office kitties and of course, the candy jar!” - Mother of a 3 year old with a severe speech delay

“She was such a great therapist!” - Mother of a child with a speech delay

“We were very pleased with our therapist, Liz. She worked wonderfully with children and is a great person to be doing the type of work she does. She takes great pride in her work!” - Mother of a child with a language delay

“My son loved working with Liz. On snowy and sick days, when he was unable to work with Liz, he was very upset that he had to wait another week before seeing her again.” - Mother of a child with a developmental speech delay 

“Solo quiero decir que me dio mucho gusto que ayudaran a hablar a mi hijo grasias.” - Mother of a child with a speech delay

“Liz was wonderful working with my son.”  -Mother of a child with a speech delay

“Aisha was the speech therapist for my daughter. Within the first session, she had corrected the K sound and this was a great improvement! Thanks so much!!” – Mother of a child with an articulation delay

“Liz has been great! She really connected with our son. She was wonderful to work with and I am grateful for the ways she has helped him.” – Mother of a child with apraxia

“Dawn did an awesome job with my son. Thanks for the help.”

“Thank you Jennifer so very much!” – Mother of a child with a language delay

“We loved Liz! We will be sad to not see her every week, but are so appreciative of all her help.”

“Ann Marie was very patient, interested and invested in my daughter’s case. Thank you for your service.”

“It was a truly pleasant experience for my son and family. It was very successful! Yes! I would highly recommend Asheville Speech Associates to anyone. Liz was great. You definitely can see good results.” – Mother of a child with apraxia

“Thanks to Aisha for working with my daughter and helping to change her frustration level. We appreciate the friendly staff.” – Mother of a child with hypernasality and feeding problems

“We love Liz. She was very successful with our son. We’re thrilled with his progress! Thanks Liz!” – Mother of a child with a tongue thrust and severe speech delay

"Jennifer Young was truly wonderful with my son. He looked forward to her visits and made significant improvement in his time with her." – Mother of a child with limited words and articulation problems 

"Ms. Mandy did an exceptional job with Jordan. She communicated thoroughly and made me aware of what we could work on at home. I noticed tremendous progress being made. Thank you!"

A comment from Julie Wood's client: "Emma loves going to speech!"

"This was a wonderful experience! Our 2 1/2 year old daughter blossomed under the care and guidance of her speech therapist, Mandy Robarge, and I received the support and education I needed to reinforce her progress at home. Very warm environment! We especially enjoyed the animal decor and the kitty-cats! I appreciated the upstairs playroom, changing station and observation room. Very caring and professional staff. We are so grateful for the top-notch services we received. Our daughter always looked forward to her appointments - that says it all! Thank you!" – Mother of a 2 1/2 year old who was not talking.

"Nosotros estamos muy agradesidos por ayudar a nuestro hijo, y todas sus terapistas son muy amables. Muchas gracias."  – Mother of a child with speech and language delay

"My son absolutely adored her. He will miss her terribly. I am so grateful for all she has done. she made a world of difference." – Mother of a developmentally delayed child

"Liz is an excellent therapist. We were very happy with her as a therapist and the progress my son made with her. I have and will continue to recommend her to others." – Mother of a child with expressive and receptive language delay.

"Both Kady and Aisha were super. I am the blessed mother of 2 developmentally disabled children. As you can imagine, teaching is a challenge in itself but these angels who teach only special children possess great patience, sensitivity and compassion. Thank you." – Mother of an autistic child

"We have been totally impressed with your therapist, Liz Dotson. We simply cannot believe all that she has helped our son accomplish. Liz is loving, nurturing and encouraging. It has been a joy to work with Liz and we truly miss seeing her each week. On a scale of 1 to 10 - we give Liz a perfect 10!"  – Mother of a child with Verbal Dyspraxia

"Liz Dotson was a wonderful therapist for our son. He looked forward to her weekly visits so he could "play" with her toys (not knowing Liz was using her skills to develop and grow his vocabulary!). We really appreciated everything she did." – Mother of a developmentally delayed child

"We had a wonderful experience with Julie Wood! My daughter loved coming to speech!" – Mother of a developmentally delayed child 

"We appreciate all Asheville Speech did for us during a very trying and difficult situation. Thank you for your understanding." – Stepmother of an adult who was in an automobile accident

"Shannon Rose worked with my son for 3 years. She patiently adapted her therapeutic approach to his many stages, moods and levels of cooperation. She used his strength and gave him lots of approval to keep him positively motivated. My son presently has a large vocabulary and is an early reader. His articulation is quite good. Feeding difficulties, which included high incidence of choking episodes, have resolved. We are very grateful to your agency and to Shannon, in particular, for your help in optimizing my son's speech and language." – Mother of a child with Down Syndrome

"Amy Penland was very caring in her job. She was very flexible with scheduling and she made it a point to involve me in the session and keep me updated." – Mother of a child with an Articulation Disorder

"Janet Bennett was wonderful! My son felt comfortable with her and she obviously encouraged him very much! He successfully stopped thumb sucking after 9 years!! A very friendly, approachable person who made the whole experience very EASY!" – Mother of a child with Tongue Thrust

"We just love Dawn! Her support with our son was absolutely wonderful. He progressed much more quickly than anticipated and we are so pleased with the results! He can be understood now and he appears more confident of his speaking abilities. Dawn's work and long term dedication are totally to be credited and admired! We thank her over and over." – Mother of a child with moderate speech and language difficulties

"Kady went above and beyond by calling me at home to explain goals, progress and therapy strategies we could encourage and practice at home. Thank you." – Mother of a child with Oral Motor Dysfunction

"Janet Bennett was wonderful. We loved her and she truly cared about my son with all her heart. A sweetheart! My son proudly says his "S" sound now." – Mother of a child with a Tongue Thrust and Articulation Disorder