outdoor therapy space

Welcome to "the Jungle," the new outdoor therapy area at Asheville Speech Associates!

How many animals can you find? What sounds do those animals make? What movements do they make to get around? What color are they and where do they live?

So many fun things are happening at the Jungle during this COVID-19 pandemic. We at Asheville Speech Associates are excited to have an outside shelter where our clients can get Occupational and Speech therapy. The therapists wear masks and/or face shields and a touchless thermometer is used before therapy begins. Parents can remain in their vehicle in the adjacent parking lot or in the Jungle if they choose to be more involved. This is a great opportunity for sharing their child’s progress.

For those clients who prefer to stay at home, the speech and occupational therapists are prepared to meet with the families on Zoom for their therapy session. We continue to see progress and increased involvement by the caregivers.

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