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speech-therapy.jpgThe type of treatment for each symptom depends on what caused it to appear. The cause does matter to avoid unnecessary drugs or procedures that may not be successful.

Asheville Speech Therapy is all-natural for what is causing your problems.

Asheville Speech does not accept insurance. Payment can be made with a credit or debit card.

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Janet Bennett, M.Ed. specializes in these treatments for adults and children:

Mouth Breathing

Cause: Difficulty breathing through the nose or a habit of mouth breathing
Cure: ENT to treat nasal problems & speech therapy to learn and habituate nasal breathing.

Breathing Help in Asheville

Swallowing problems

Cause: Incorrect tongue placement, weak muscles, CVA, Parkinson’s
Cure: Correct the tongue placement, strengthen the muscles, change diet

Swallowing and Dysphagia Help in Asheville

Hoarseness and Hoarse Voice

Cause: Dehydration, in the absence of identified vocal cord problem
Cure: Stop mouth breathing

Learn More about Hoarse Voice Therapy in Asheville


Cause: Tongue Thrust
Cure: Learn to breathe and swallow correctly

Chronic cough/Throat clearing

Cause: Weak swallow & mouth breathing
Cure: Strengthen tongue and stop mouth breathing

Chronic Cough and Frequent Throat-clearing help Asheville NC


Cause: Tongue partially blocks airway while sleeping
Cure: Stop mouth breathing & strengthen tongue

How a Speech Therapist can Help Stop Snoring

Waking up with a dry mouth

Cause: Aside from drugs, mouth breathing
Cure: Stop mouth breathing

Daytime sleepiness

Cause: Not sleeping well
Cure: Stop mouth breathing while sleeping to get REM sleep

Teeth Grinding

Cause: Anxiety, misalignment
Cure: Stop mouth breathing and train tongue to live on the roof of your mouth to align cranial bones

Big Tongue

Cause: Heredity, tongue weakness
Cure: Use Tongue Stick to make tongue skinnier


Cause: Tongue pushes back of upper teeth when swallowing
Cure: Train tongue to swallow correctly & stop mouth breathing

Open Bite

Cause: Tongue protrudes between teeth when swallowing
Cure: Strengthen tongue retraction muscles & stop mouth breathing

Bloated feeling

Cause: Breathing in air while talking and chewing food
Cure: Stop mouth breathing

Global Sensation or “lump in the throat”

Cause: Weak swallow
Cure: Train tongue to swallow correctly

Trouble swallowing pills

Cause: Tongue not in proper position
Cure: Train/strengthen tongue muscles

Tongue Thrust

Cause: Sucking pacifier/ thumb, lose teeth prematurely,etc
Cure: Strengthen tongue & learn proper tongue position when swallowing

Learn more about Tongue Thrust Correction

Fix a Tongue Thrust

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