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A hoarse voice, characterized by a raspy, rough, or strained vocal quality, can be a source of discomfort and frustration. Fortunately, Janet Bennett, M.Ed. at Asheville Speech, can play a significant role in curing hoarseness and restoring the clarity and health of your voice.

Here's how a speech pathologist can help fix a hoarse voice in Asheville

Assessment: Speech pathologists begin by assessing the underlying cause of hoarseness. This often involves a thorough examination of your vocal cords by an otolaryngologist and then a voice evaluation of any identified problems.

Voice Therapy: They develop customized voice therapy plans that target the specific issues causing hoarseness. These plans may include vocal exercises to improve vocal cord strength, flexibility, and resonance. 

Vocal Hygiene: Speech pathologists educate individuals on vocal hygiene practices, which can prevent further vocal strain. This may include recommendations to stay hydrated, avoid smoking and excessive caffeine, and learn to habitually nasal breathe.

Breathing Techniques: Proper breathing techniques are crucial for a healthy voice. Speech pathologists teach techniques to ensure you are using your breath effectively to support your voice.

Behavioral Modifications: They help you identify and change harmful vocal behaviors, such as speaking loudly or using an incorrect pitch, which can contribute to hoarseness.

Recovery Plan: Speech pathologists work with you to establish a recovery plan, monitor your progress, and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your voice heals and regains its full functionality.

Janet Bennett, M.Ed. at Asheville Speech is an expert in diagnosing and treating hoarseness. Through voice therapy, vocal hygiene guidance, and behavioral modifications, she can help you regain a clear and healthy voice. If you're experiencing hoarseness, consulting a speech pathologist is a proactive step toward a full vocal recovery.

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Reach out to Janet Bennett, M.Ed., Speech Pathologist at (828) 285-8814 or using the contact form below. Janet works with both adults and children. She has over 40 years of experience. Therapy is available for symptoms that may not always be identified as problematic. However, they can result in medical issues. The cause must be treated to find a cure.

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